Information security is the top-most concern when moving to the cloud.

Defining a strategy to address the security & compliance gaps in your cloud applications leads to a positive business impact. Being compliant not only secures your data but also builds credibility and gives confidence to your clients.

With letsbloom’s platform-as-a-service, you can get real-time visibility into your application’s security and compliance gaps. Our experts provide actionable intelligence and help you stride towards ISO 27001 compliance.

Cloud with compliance!

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Your Pilot to Compliance in the Cloud


Pre-built, out of the box cloud security and compliance


Continuous monitoring and enforcement of controls


Real-time reporting


Remediation of compliance issues


Automated cloud governance

letsbloom helps you build secure cloud-based applications that stay compliant with all the 14 domains of ISO 27001 standards.

What we do?

  • Codify technical controls after distilling multiple domains of ISO 27001 compliance
  • Scan and assess the clients’ application code against the control checks
  • Generate a health assessment report that clearly highlights the ISO 27001 compliance gaps in the code
  • Help Enterprise customers close the identified compliance & security gaps

What clients do?

  • Sign up to securely access our PaaS platform
  • Provide access to cloud infrastructure-as-code and container images to enable letsbloom to assess the code against the 14 domains of ISO 27001
  • Access the health assessment report to gain insights into the ISO 27001 compliance gaps in the code
  • Become an Enterprise member to receive additional support from letsbloom to bridge the compliance gaps

letsbloom empowers you to secure your information and adhere to ISO 27001 Compliance.

We combine the art and science of staying compliant and secured. With our platform-as-a-service, we not only help you deploy your application on Cloud securely and efficiently, but also guide you in staying compliant with regulatory guidelines that encompass your business.

At letsbloom, trust is the mainstay of our business. We use our own infrastructure to monitor and control our compliance posture.

letsbloom platform’s continuous deployment pipelines empower your app developers to build, deploy and run apps on any public cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP, and OCI) with security and compliance ingrained at its core.

Let compliance processes add value to your business with letsbloom.


Why letsbloom for ISO 27001 Compliance?

letsbloom brings in deep domain knowledge and industry expertise of ISO 27001 compliance requirements to help make your cloud more resistant to data breaches.

Our trusted cloud infrastructure is exactly what your business requires to maximize your security and easily maintain ISO 27001 compliance while keeping costs to a minimum.

We Support 10+ Compliances


The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) regulations require banks and other financial institutions to assess their cyber security risks and develop plans to address them

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Data breaches in the payment card industry could prove to be devastating for many companies. The risks range from loss...

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SOC 2 is a compliance standard specially designed for cloud-based service providers who store customer data...

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Sets benchmarks for IT systems and products to make them comply with industry-agreed cybersecurity standards.

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We support 10+

In addition to the above compliances, letsbloom caters to all your specific compliance needs.

Choose What Suits Your Business Best!

On-Demand Cloud Compliance

Per Year*

  • Scan on-demand
  • Regulatory compliance against MAS TRM, NYDFS, RBI and others
  • Benchmark compliance against NIST, CIS and others
  • Single pane view of your IaCs, application runtime and cloud environments
  • Multi-Cloud compliance including AWS, Azure, GCP and others

*Annual subscription for up to 1000 scans
99 ¢ for every additional scan

Continuous Compliance Monitoring

On-Demand Cloud Compliance

  • Get a bird's eye view of all cloud resources, from internet facing ingress points to data zones
  • Continuously monitor and evaluate cloud resources for security weaknesses and potential attack scenarios
  • Take action to detect and prevent potential threats proactively
  • Easily identify and prioritize potential security risks and make informed decisions

Compliant Infrastructure Templates

On-Demand Cloud Compliance
Continuous Compliance Monitoring

  • Accelerate your cloud compliance with regulatory compliant, no-code cloud infrastructure templates
  • Templates including Secure Landing Zone, Data Landing Zone, Compute, Database, API Egress and more
  • Provision cloud agnostic infrastructure and services
  • Detect and prevent drift in your infrastructure

Choose What Suits Your Business Best!

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