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On-Demand Cloud Compliance

Compliant Infrastructure Templates

Scan on-demandTickTickTick
Regulatory compliance against MAS TRM, NYDFS, RBI and othersTickTickTick
Benchmark compliance against NIST, CIS and othersTickTickTick
Single pane view of your IaCs, application runtime and cloud environmentsTickTickTick
Multi-Cloud compliance including AWS, Azure, GCP and othersTickTickTick
Get a bird's eye view of all cloud resources, from internet facing ingress points to data zones TickTick
Continuously monitor and evaluate cloud resources for security weaknesses and potential attack scenarios TickTick
Take action to detect and prevent potential threats proactively TickTick
Easily identify and prioritize potential security risks and make informed decisions TickTick
Accelerate your cloud compliance with regulatory compliant, no-code cloud infrastructure templates  Tick
Templates including Secure Landing Zone, Data Landing Zone, Compute, Database, API Egress and more  Tick
Provision cloud agnostic infrastructure and services  Tick
Detect and prevent drift in your infrastructure  Tick
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Monitoring to keep your apps secure

letsbloom’s PaaS monitors and manages the cyber security posture of your cloud apps round the clock.

15 Mins

To get a security & compliance health report

letsbloom’s assessment report enables you to fix the gaps to make your apps secure and compliant.


Reduction in Total Cost of Operations (TCO)

letsbloom’s services empower you to reduce TCO for cloud security and compliance by up to 70%.

Why choose us


Faster security & compliance

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know so you can choose the right plan for your business.

Yes, our platform does not copy or store your code. We securely access your code to scan and assess their security and compliance posture and provide you actionable intelligence to help fix any gaps. Please refer to our privacy policy for more details.

You can cancel your subscription any time. You subscription stays active till you next billing date, then you account switches to read-only so that you can continue to access your exisitng reports.

We support payments through Credit Card, Google Pay and Paypal.

Yes, we are very flexible. You can upgrade from starter to premium or enterprise or downgrade at any time. Please reach out to us at for more details on how to upgrade.

No, you need not sign any contract. Just pay as you go – month on month. You may let your subscription expire when you no longer need our services.