letsbloom @ Google Cloud Next '24

Calendar Icon9-11 April 2024  Location IconMandalay Bay, Las Vegas

Google Cloud Next 2024Google Cloud Next 2024

Join us at Google Cloud Next ’24 - A global tech show on Gen AI, cloud and beyond!

Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of groundbreaking technology, invaluable networking opportunities, and leadership insights at the Google Next ’24 event, happening from April 9-11 in Las Vegas.

Over three days, the event will bring together 30k+ developers, IT professionals, cloud experts, and thought leaders around the world to engage, inspire, and learn. You will have the opportunity to attend visionary keynotes, explore the latest technology innovations, and participate in live sessions on everything from generative AI and cloud to security.

letsbloom: Accelerating Gen AI adoption with security and compliance

We, at letsbloom, are empowering organizations to accelerate adoption of Generative AI without worrying about security and compliance. Our participation in the Google Cloud Next ’24 event underscores our commitment to driving AI adoption responsibly and ethically, with transparency and accountability at the core.

Come and meet us at booth #1402 to witness live demonstrations of how letsbloom’s platform accelerates your Gen AI adoption journey without compromising on security and compliance.

We look forward to connecting, learning, and innovating with you!

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Why AI adoption is slow & challenging?

Why AI adoption is slow & challenging?

To leverage AI/ML capabilities, organizations must feed confidential enterprise data into AI applications. But this can put them at risk of training their competitors and exposing themselves to cyber threats. Hence, it is of utmost importance to ensure that all the necessary security and compliance controls are in place before moving and leveraging confidential data on AI. However, it is easier said than done.

AI adoption challenges

  • Cybersecurity risks
  • Data governance and privacy challenges
  • AI ethics, transparency, and explainability concerns
  • High implementation time
letsbloom makes it faster & easier!

letsbloom’s cloud-based Patterns-as-Code technology provides continuous, comprehensive security and compliance assurance for LLM, Gen Al, and other Machine Learning services from Google Cloud and other major cloud service providers.

letsbloom empowers organizations to

  • fast-track their AI adoption journey
  • safeguard confidentiality of data leveraged by AI
  • ensure complete observability of cloud compliance posture
  • minimize security and compliance efforts
  • accelerate innovation and time-to-market

Explore letsbloom platform and speak to our experts at booth #1402, Google Cloud Next ‘24!

letsbloom makes it faster & easier!