letsbloom @ Google Cloud Next '23

Calendar Icon29-31 AUGUST 2023  Location IconMoscone Center, San Francisco

Google Cloud Next 2023Google Cloud Next 2023

Meet With Us at Next ’23 - The Hottest Tech Show in Town!

Google Cloud Next ’23 is a global tech event bringing together decision makers, developers, and technology enthusiasts to share challenges, solutions, ideas, and game-changing technologies in cloud computing.

The event fosters an environment of learning and collaborations, where attendees can gain insights from industry experts through a series of Keynotes, Breakout Sessions, Product Roadmap Sessions, Exclusive 1:1s, and Interactive Workshops.

This offers an unparalleled opportunity to expand your cloud knowledge and network with like-minded professionals.

How letsbloom Adds Value

letsbloom helps businesses in regulated industries deploy cloud applications in a secure & compliant manner. Our participation at Google Cloud Next ’23 allows us to share our expertise and insights on cloud compliance strategies, best practices, and emerging trends.

We will be showcasing how our Platform-as-a-Service helps you effectively manage your cloud assets while adhering to industry standards, regulatory guidelines, and internal governance policies.

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Cloud Secure & Compliant

Is Your Cloud Secure & Compliant?

Businesses, especially in regulated industries, face a multitude of security and compliance challenges while moving to cloud, resulting in months, sometime years, to complete the deployment.

Major cloud challenges are -

  • Data Privacy and Security Risks - Unauthorized access, theft, or misuse of sensitive customer data
  • Compliance Risks - Regulatory guidelines, such as NYDFS, PRA/FCA, GDPR, CCPA
  • Operational Risks - System failures, errors, or cyber-attacks
How letsbloom Helps?

letsbloom offers Patterns-as-Code that enables businesses to accelerate cloud adoption with on-demand automated provisioning of secure and compliant infrastructure. Our standardized patterns-as-code encapsulates infrastructure-as-code, controls-as-code, compliance-as-code, and policy-as-code to help you adopt high-value cloud services in a secure-by-design and compliant-by-default manner.

Our platform helps you -

  • Securely upload/share data within your teams as well as with third parties
  • Deploy appropriate access levels, controls and restrictions for each user
  • Grant access to high-value AI services for data scientists - enrich data from public data sources
  • Adopt a secure and compliant cloud development and deployment infrastructure
  • Ensure continuous monitoring for governance, security, and compliance posture

Now, you can deploy your cloud applications ~10x Faster & ~80% Cheaper!

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